Saturday, January 7, 2012

What do you actually use and understand?

I saw an interesting post tonight on irc -

21:36  caxx> use jpa-DAOs in persistence layer and EJBs in business layer?
21:37  joed> caxx: Yes?
21:38  caxx> joed: and in GUI use bean entities, right ?
21:39  caxx> or Servlets ...
21:46  joed> caxx: You realize that all those are are interfaces or descriptions of behavior?
21:47  joed> They are not magical incantantations of good or bad, their invocation methodology may lead you to like one or another container as you favor behavior

-- That was sadly the end of it as I know it.

So when you use Camel, JMS, Spring, Guice or your own framework - do you treat that as a magical container?
You do realize they aren't much more than nice "Main" methods for your code; especially if you use Spring.

I guess this is why we see "EE" jobs going at around $35/h right now.
All you need to sell is that you know what it is, not how it actually works...

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